About Us

About Us

Our Motto

At Spark Technologies Customer and Client’s satisfaction is our motto. We strive to achieve perfection in every service that we deliver to our customers. While doing that we always remember, it is the team that delivers the concept, hence our primary focus is on professional development, team building, and customer relationship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to excel at everything that we do. We want to keep raising the level of service to the extent where customer is fully aware and at the same time completely assured of the environment being in best hands possible. We bring together the best minds in the business and create a healthy working environment where individuals and entities can realize their potential.

Our Company

We often notice that a service, a product or a solution falls short of customer expectations. The primary reason we started Spark Technologies is our commitment to deliver world class service and innovative solutions in

  • Middleware Technologies
  • Big Data
  • UI/UX design
  • Cloud Infrastructures
  • DevOps
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous development, Continuous Monitoring

Our Values

  • At Spark Technologies we are committed to empower our customers with best support possible, and bridge the gap that other companies often fail to address.
  • We are a group of talented professionals who have extensive experience in the IT solutions provider industry.
  • We are equipped and devoted to support your IT projects from concept to production and beyond.
  • Our professionals have the right blend of knowledge, tools and skillsets to deliver the expected results.
  • Spark technologies is end to end solutions provider specializing insoftware development, enterprise operations and maintenance areas.
  • Spark technologies is also strong advocate of agile practices for software development such as Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery.
  • We also excel in the use of automation tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Vagrant, Docker for realizing the newer paradigms in the industry.
  • We sincerely believe that a service or a product is only as good as the team that delivers it, hence we invest in building a great team that has a very consistent track record for delivering solutions to our customers.
  • We can help you leverage the cloud technologies for hosting your infrastructure. Our cloud solutions provider team has extensive experience in delivering scalable and secure solutions in public and private cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google, On-Premise, OpenStack and OpenShift.